Section 1.1   Intro to Differential Equations
Section 1.2   Initial Value Problems

Section 2.2   Separation of Variables
Section 2.3   Linear DE
Section 2.4   Exact DE
Section 2.5   Solutions by Substitution

Section 3.1   Linear Models

Section 4.1   Intro to Higher-Order Linear DE
Section 4.2   Finding a Second Solution
Section 4.3   Homogeneous DE with Constant Coefficients
Section 4.4   Non-Homogeneous DE with Constant Coefficients
Section 4.6   Variation of Parameters
Section 4.7   Cauchy-Euler DE

Section 5.1   Spring-Mass Systems

Section 6.2   Series Solutions

Section 7.1   Intro to the Laplace Transform
Section 7.2   Inverse Transforms
Section 7.3   Translations
Section 7.4   Convolutions and Periodic Functions
Section 7.5   The Dirac Delta

Section 8.1   Intro to Linear Systems of DE
Section 8.2   Homogeneous Linear Systems
Section 8.3   Non-Homogeneous Linear Systems