Math 251

Final Exam Review Problems
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List of Suggested HW     Problems and answers are in the coursepack.

Applications Section 2.4 (by Pat Wrean)
Image Compression (Section 3.3)
Short Fundamental Theorem (Section 3.3)
Long Fundamental Theorem (Section 3.5)

Test 1 Solutions
Test 2 Solutions
Test 3 Solutions
Test 4 Solutions

To prepare for Test 1 do Practice Problems 1-6 and 27.
To prepare for Test 2 do Practice Problems 7-10 and 25.
To prepare for Test 3 do Practice Problems 11-14, 16, and 26.
To prepare for Test 4 do Practice Problems 17-20, 21a, 22.
Also be sure to do all your suggested homework problems!
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