Math 191 Fall 2018

Welcome to Math 191!
Here are the course notes (prepared in advance)
Here are the tablet notes (prepared live in class starting in Week 5)
Here's a collection of videos for each topic in Math 191.

Course Outline
Pacing Schedule
The link to the suggested homework problems was given in class.

Class Handouts
Related Rates
Maximizing or Minimizing a Function

Practice Questions     Solutions Part 1     Solutions Part 2
Solutions Part 3     Solutions Part 4     Solutions Part 5
Do Questions 1-12 to prepare for Test 1.
Do Questions 13-22 to prepare for Test 2.
Do Questions 23-25 and 29-40 to prepare for Test 3.

Want more practice?
Practice Questions by Gilles Cazelais
Do Questions 1-15 as extra practice for Test 1.
Do Questions 16-28 and 29a,c,d as extra practice for Test 2.

Test One Solutions
Test Two Solutions
Test Three Fri Nov 23 Covers: 27.5-6, 25.1-6 and 26.1-3

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Quiz 9     Quiz 10