Math 107 Winter 2019

Updated Formula Sheet
Review Problems and Solutions Please omit Question 18.
This set of review questions is shorter than a typical final exam. We will be covering additional review questions in class.

The red circles are not visible in some coursepacks. If you're having this issue please see the Complete List of Suggested HW Problems

Course notes (prepared in advance)
Tablet notes (prepared live in class)

HANDOUTS (will be provided in class):
Course Outline and Revised Test Dates
Formula Sheet

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Test One Solutions
Test Two Solutions
Test Three Solutions

To prepare for Test 3 do Practice Questions 30-33, 35-43 and Sugg HW 6.3 #77, 6.5 #57 and 7.8 #3

Practice Questions
Solutions Part 1     Solutions Part 2     Solutions Part 3