Math 107 Notes

Section R5   Factoring
Section R6   Synthetic Division
Section R7   Rational Expressions
Section R8   Rational Exponents

Section 1-1   Linear Equations
Section 1-2   Quadratic Equations
Section 1-4   Radical Equations
Section 1-5   Solving Inequalities

Section 2-1   Distance and Midpoint Formulas
Section 2-2   Basic Graphs
Section 2-3   Lines
Section 2-4   Circles

Section 11-3   Ellipses

Section 3-1   Functions
Section 3-2   The Graph of a Function
Section 3-3   Properties of Functions
Section 3-4   Library of Functions; Piecewise-Defined Functions
Section 3-5   Graphing Transformations
Section 3-6   Building Functions

Section 4-1   Linear Functions
Section 4-3   Quadratic Functions
Section 4-4   Quadratic Models
Section 4-5   Quadratic Inequalities

Section 5-1   Polynomial Functions
Section 5-2   Properties of Rational Functions
Section 5-3   Graphing Rational Functions
Section 5-4   Polynomial and Rational Inequalities
Section 5-5   The Real Zeros of a Polynomial

Section 6-1   Composite Functions
Section 6-2   One-to-One Functions; Inverse Functions
Section 6-3   Exponential Functions
Section 6-4   Logarithmic Functions
Section 6-5   Properties of Logarithms
Section 6-6   Lograithmic and Exponential Equations
Section 6-7   Financial Models
Section 6-8   Exponential Growth and Decay; Newton's Law of Cooling

Section 7-1   Angles
Section 7-2   Right Triangle Trigonometry
Section 7-3   Computing Values of Trig Functions
Section 7-4   Trig Functions of any Angle
Section 7-5   Properties of Trig Functions
Section 7-6   Graphs of Sine and Cosine
Section 7-7   Graphs of Other Trig Functions
Section 7-8   Phase Shift

Section 8-1   Inverse Sine, Cosine, Tangent
Section 8-2   Inverse Trig Functions Continued
Section 8-3   Trig Equations
Section 8-4   Trig Identities
Section 8-5   Sum and Difference Formulas
Section 8-6   Double-Angle and Half-Angle Formulas

Section 13-1   Sequences
Section 13-2   Arithmetic Sequences
Section 13-3   Geometric Sequences