Math 156 Notes

Section 1.1   Decimal and Octal
Section 1.2   Binary and Hexadecimal
Section 1.3   Converting Non-Integer Numbers to Decimal
Section 1.4   Converting from Decimal
Section 1.5   Converting between Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal

Section 2.1   Intro to Logic
Section 2.2   Venn Diagrams
Section 2.3   Logical Equivalence
Section 2.4   Boolean Expressions and Gate Representations
Section 2.5   Laws of Logic
Section 2.6   More Laws of Logic
Section 2.7   The Conditional
Section 2.8   The Biconditional

Section 3.1   Sequences and Series
Section 3.2   Arithmetic Sequences and Series
Section 3.3   Geometric Sequences and Series

Section 4.1   Rates of Growth and Big O Notation
Section 4.2   Factorial and Exponential Growth
Section 4.3   Logarithmic Growth

Section 5.1   Variables and Data
Section 5.2   Describing Data with Graphs
Section 5.3   Histograms
Section 5.4   Misleading Graphs

Section 6.1   Mean and Median
Section 6.2   Measures of Spread
Section 6.3   Tchebysheff and Empirical Rules
Section 6.4   Measures of Relative Standing

Section 7.1   Sampling Plans
Section 7.2   Observational and Experimental Studies
Section 7.3   Misleading Statistics

Section 8.1   Counting Techniques
Section 8.2   Classical Probability
Section 8.3   Discrete Random Variables

Section 9.1   Continuous Random Variables
Sections 9.2-9.4   The Normal Distribution
Section 9.5   The Central Limit Theorem

Section 10.1   Estimating with Confidence
Section 10.2   Large Sample Confidence Intervals for the Mean