Math 193 Notes (Winter 2019)

Section 28-1   The General Power Formula
Section 28-2   The Logarithmic Form
Section 28-3   The Exponential Form
Section 28-4   Basic Trig Integration
Section 28-6   Inverse Trig Forms
Section 28-7   Integration by Parts
Section 28-9   Partial Fractions

Section 29-3   Surfaces and Partial Derivatives
Section 29-4   Double Integrals

Section 31-1   Solutions to Differential Equations
Section 31-2   Separation of Variables
Section 31-4   First-Order Linear DE
Section 31-6   Applications of First-Order DE
Section 31-7   Higher Order Homogeneous DE with Constant Coefficients
Section 31-8   Auxiliary Equation with Repeated or Complex Roots
Section 31-9   Higher Order Non-Homogeneous DE with Constant Coefficients
Section 31-10   Applications of Higher-Order DE

Stats Section 1   Collection and Representation of Data
Stats Section 2   Summarizing Data
Stats Section 3   Probability
Stats Section 4   Discrete Random Variables
Stats Section 5   Binomial and Poisson Distributions
Stats Section 6   Continuous Random Variables
Stats Section 7   The Normal Distribution
Stats Section 8   The Central Limit Theorem
Stats Section 9   Confidence Intervals
Stats Section 10   Linear Regression